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Warranty Policy for Elecson’s E-Cycle

At Elecson, our core principle is that ‘The Rider is the Boss.’ We are fully committed to standing behind the quality of our products. To reinforce this commitment, we are delighted to present one of the industry’s most comprehensive and rider-friendly warranty policies.

Repair or Replacement of Components

IMPORTANT: To activate this warranty, the retail customer must register the electric cycle at within 15 days of the purchase.

  • This warranty is limited to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is required for validation. Transport costs are not included.
  • Motor, Controller, and Battery Warranty

    1. Motor: 12 months from the original purchase date
    2. Controller: 12 months from the original purchase date
    3. Battery: 12 months from the original purchase date
  • Accessories (e.g., helmet, wire lock, pump) are not covered by this warranty policy. The battery warranty excludes damage from power surges, use of non-original chargers, improper maintenance, or water immersion.

Warranty on Specific Parts

  Main frame (Aluminium)Lifetime
  Main frame (Carbon Steel)Five years
  Motor shell, Hub motor, ControllerOne year
  5.5ahOne year
  7.5ahTwo years
  10ahTwo years
  Electronic handlebar controls and electrical connections, Battery charger*Six Months
  Paintwork (excluding accidental or deliberate damage)One year
  Lights and lighting systemSix Months

The following is a comprehensive explanation of bike frames and the related warranty:

Sr. No.           Model Name                                                                                    Frame Material                                                                   Warranty (On FRAME)

  1700C PremiumCarbon SteelUp to 5 years
  2UltraCarbon SteelUp to 5 years
  3Fat TyreCarbon SteelUp to 5 years
  4FoldingCarbon SteelUp to 5 years
  5LadybirdCarbon SteelUp to 5 years
  6InfinityCarbon SteelUp to 5 years
  7EcoCarbon SteelUp to 5 years
  • Only manufacturing defects are covered for all mechanical parts. Handlebars, stem, bearings, drivetrain components, brakes, wires, wire housings, tires, tubes, rims or wheels, hubs, saddle or seat, seat post, clamps, grips, headset components, pedals, brake callipers, bottom bracket, disk, brake pads, and mudguards are components that are not covered by warranty.
  • Six-month warranty on the display, throttle, LED light, pedal sensor, and charger.

If our product is found to have any manufacturing defects, the company will fix it or replace it for free, either with new parts or an equivalent one, as long as the product is still covered under warranty for a full year and the malfunction was brought on by shoddy materials or workmanship during manufacturing. The Company alone will decide whether to replace or fix the faulty part. Additionally, we reserve the right, if such parts are available, to replace the defective part with ones that are either similar to or different from the defective part.

The following is the warranty policy on other models:

  1. Motor – 1 Year
  2. Battery – 1 Year
  3. Frame – 1 Year
  4. Paint – 1 Year
  5. Controller –  1 Year
  6. Every Other Electrical (Display, Brake Light, Front Light, and Throttle)- 6 months
  7. The warranty will not cover any mechanical components. They will only be protected against manufacturing flaws.

Terms & Conditions

1. Quality faults within 15 days of delivery will be repaired or replaced.
2. Warranty period starts from the delivery day or when the retail customer collects the bike.
3. Registration of the bike within 15 days of purchase is mandatory.

Returns and Replacements

– Replaced parts must be returned to Elecson and become the company’s property.
– Only the company or authorized dealers can repair, service, or assemble/reassemble the product.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not cover:

– Corrosive parts, plastic, PVC, and rubber components.
– Parts altered or added by the customer to enhance performance, speed, or comfort.
– Fading of parts due to sunlight exposure.

Warranty Void Conditions

The warranty becomes void if:

– Serial number/identification code is tampered with.
– Product is used beyond the permissible load of 120kg.
– Used for stunts, competition, or activities not intended for.
– Tampering or modification of parts is observed.
– Resold to another person or company.

Shipping Damage Claims

Inspect packaging upon receipt. Report obvious shipping damage within 24 hours of receipt to qualify for a claim.

Note: This warranty is valid only within the geographical boundaries of the India. Elecson reserves the right to modify this warranty policy without notice.

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