We, EvElecson, A division of Yoshino Energy Private Limited (“Company”) sell its E-Cycles (“Product”) through its network of authorized dealers, to be free from any defect – both in material and workmanship, under normal use, subject to the following terms & conditions:

    This warranty is not applicable in any of the following conditions:

    • If any repair work is carried out by any Unauthorized dealer or personnel or irregular maintenance
    • If any special equipment or accessories added by the customer with an intention to enhance the performance, speed or comfort of the Product, is not included in this warranty. In the event of any such alteration or addition, the warranty will stand null and void
    • If photocopy of sales invoice is not received with defective Product, warranty will be counted from date of manufacturing till define time period as above
    • Fading of parts like paint, stickers and plastic parts due to direct exposure of sunlight
    • This warranty is void in its entirety by any modification of the frame, fork or components. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective item and is the sole remedy of warranty. This warranty extends from the date of purchase, only to the owner and is not transferable. Transportation cost and labor charges incurred in the replacement of parts are not covered under this warranty.
    • The Company is not responsible for loss or damage whatsoever (including incidental or consequential damages) arising from use of the Product. Any claims under this warranty must be made through an authorized dealer
    • The warranty stands null and void if :
      • The serial number /identification code is deleted, defaced, altered, effaced or removed
      • Used for more than permissible load
      • Used for stunts, competition or jumping, acrobatics, bicycle moto–cross, dirt biking or similar activities as all units are not designed or intended for such purpose or usage
      • Any kind of tempering observed with the parts/Product
      • Modified/altered components for any specific use other than a personal transport
      • Transportation, delivery, labour and handling charges incurred in the replacement of parts are not covered under this warranty, and shall be borne by the customer.
      • This warranty is void in its entirety by any modification of the frame, fork or components
      • Resold to any other person/company
      • Damage caused by an accident or malfunction or misuse caused to the Product by the acts of persons, intentional or otherwise, including but not limited to misuse or mishandling, fire or any act of God
      • Nonfunctional due to natural wear and tear, ageing, defect resulted from misuse/ improper handling or negligence by the rider or Product is altered by component parts substitution or used for rental or any other commercial uses.
      • Not operated, not charged or maintained as per guidelines

    This warranty is valid only within the geographical boundaries of Republic of India. Company reserves the right to change this warranty policy at its sole discretion without any notice. In case of any dispute with the customer, courts of Cuttack shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute.