Electric Bicycle Division

Ev Elecson entered the electric bicycle industry in 2021, establishing itself as a trustworthy and well-prepared manufacturer of electric bicycle. We offer top-notch services at reasonable rates. Our Ev Elecson electric bicycle which are constructed with top-quality spare parts to ensure maximum safety and dependability, complemented by excellent customer service.


We wish you out to grow in life and business

The Electric bicycle industry is affordable, sustainable, and growing.
A new way of life is emerging and you can make the most of it.

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Franchising WITH Ev Elecson

At Ev Elecson, we hold our franchise to high standards and view them as integral members of our family. We not only consider them as family, but we also treat them with the utmost respect and care. Similarly, we expect our franchise to treat the Ev Elecson brand with the same level of regard that we show them. Below are the expectations we have for our esteemed franchise:

  • Straightforward and reasonable managing.
  • Strong adherence to commitment made to Retail client and to Ev Elecson.
  • Meeting the objective set out by Ev Elecson.
  • Sales promotion activity.
  • Attractive and structured showroom.
  • Respect to Ev Elecson and its representatives.
  • Ethical and legitimate business movement.
  • Have adequate staff to deal with clients need.
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions set out by Ev Elecson time to time.


Ev Elecson provides an extensive selection of electric bicycle that cater to people of all ages and lifestyles. It offers a convenient and speedy mode of transportation for young buyers, enabling them to reach schools and universities efficiently. For working professionals and office-goers, it helps save fuel costs, making it highly affordable. Additionally, Ev Elecson's electric bicycles are ideal for elderly riders, providing them with a safe and secure means of transportation.


At Ev Elecson, we always have your back. With a presence in over 4 cities across India and counting, our reach continues to expand. As we grow, so do the electric bicycle franchise prospects that come with it.


Trust and quality are the cornerstones of Ev Elecson's success. With a track record of over 4 years, Ev Elecson has firmly established itself in the market. During this time, we have proudly served over 200,000 satisfied customers.


Partnering with Ev Elecson enables you to associate with our renowned brand and become a part of our channel network comprising 223+ retail outlets. By working with Ev Elecson, you can reap the benefits that come with being an electric bicycle franchise.


Be a catalyst for a better world through electric mobility. Together, let's create a sustainable future for India. Battery-powered electric bicycle play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions that contribute to pollution and aid in cleaning the planet. By making travel affordable and convenient for people, you can also gain recognition for your responsible contribution to a greener Earth.


Let's embark on a journey of growth together. We believe that success is not possible without collaboration. This is your chance to capitalize on a rapidly expanding market, superior products, and service margins. By partnering with Ev Elecson, you can unlock the full potential of this market.


As parts of sales promotion, following additional services shall be offered to franchise:-

  • We help you to a market by providing material, pamphlets &posters.
  • We have attractive features and the quality Spare parts.
  • We have 1 year warranty on our Major parts.
  • We provide after sales support & Feedback facilities.
  • Cross Roads Services are provided (under process).
  • Under that, at any place a mechanic will be provided by customer Care.
  • You don’t need to go to mechanic, He will come to you.
  • We provide Financing agreement for our retail customers by corporate tie up with various banks.
  • At every step we are with you to increase Sales.